Mediation & Guidance of Self-employed Persons

Co-flex, the commercial partner for self-employed persons!

Commercial partner means that we mediate between you as a self-employed professional (sole trader) and our clients.

We link self-employed persons to clients who would like to use the services of independent professionals with the right knowledge and skills to match the assignment. If you are a self-employed person looking for a new assignment, come and see us at Co-flex.

In a personal interview, we will focus on your competencies and ambitions as a professional. We will also discuss the options we can offer based on your experience as a self-employed person. We will then immediately start searching for new assignments based on our conversation. This enables us to achieve the right match.

Once we have found a suitable assignment, we will agree on the hourly rate with you. We will continue the discussion if we are unable to come to an agreement with a client and will only proceed to an agreement on behalf of all parties if you are satisfied with the rate.

We have a large network of leading companies and are often the first to know where new assignments are available. These are often assignments where work is available for a longer period of time.

Recording and submission of documents

In order to meet all requirements, we ask for recent proof of a Company Registration Number, a suitable company and/or professional liability insurance and a VAT number. In addition, a self-employed person must be able to demonstrate that they are specialised in their professional field. This can be done, for example, by means of a CV, by submitting diplomas and/or certificates. If a definitive assignment is concluded, this will be described in the model agreement approved by the Tax Authorities. This agreement also includes the price agreements and other conditions.
We pay your invoices weekly. The first invoice will be paid 14 days after the relevant week worked (even if you only draw up and send the invoice 10 days later). The client must of course agree to the number of hours worked. The correct documents must also be in order.

We would be happy to arrange a time with you to discuss this. Please contact us without obligation on 046 410 6305 or leave a message using our contact form.

Can we help you with mediation, supervision & registration of self-employed persons?