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Co-Flex and self-employed persons

Co-Flex is an intermediary in employment services for self-employed professionals

The current laws and standards on the subject of self-employed workers require an accurate approach to both the self-employed person and the assignment to be carried out. In order to meet all requirements, we ask for recent proof of a Company Registration Number, a suitable company and/or professional liability insurance and a VAT number. In addition, a self-employed person must be able to demonstrate that they are specialised in their professional field. This can be done by submitting a CV, diplomas and certificates, for example. If a definitive assignment is concluded, this will be described in the model agreement approved by the Tax Authorities. This agreement also includes the price agreements and the other conditions.

Transparent working method

We work towards the client with an Engagement Agreement which, in addition to a number of legal provisions, also includes matters such as the project description, the contractor of the assignment and the price agreements.
This transparent method guarantees successful performance of the assignment.
We have assignments within various disciplines at different levels. Do you want to know what Co-Flex can do for you? Please contact us without obligation.

Mediation & supervision of self-employed persons

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Can we help you with mediation, supervision & registration of self-employed persons?