In-house services

Fixed contact

In the case of an in-house structure, we ensure a fixed pool of flex workers.

Your organisation can continue to focus on its main activities at all times and optimally control your portfolio in the event of peaks/falls in the market.
We provide you with an intermediary who knows the organisation, speaks the language and identifies with the organisation, the culture and the staff who work there. The intermediary works for you in the office and can therefore continue to monitor the organisation appropriately. Your organisation determines which guidelines must be implemented.
You will therefore always have the same contact person.
An in-house structure is ideal for segments in Industry and Transport & Logistics.

Why an in-house structure?

  • Optimal pooling of fixed employees only for your organisation.
  • Always one hundred percent staffing with skilled flex workers, linked to your market portfolio/assignments. This benefits productivity.
  • Only the exact number of employees required will be made available and will be working.
  • Additional employees are of course available at peak times.
  • Your employees will be and are properly instructed after the correct recruitment and selection has taken place.
  • The objectives that should be achieved are agreed in advance and these will be delivered.
  • The weather is linked to the prices/rates.
  • Effective communication with regard to HR issues.
  • Fixed costs become variable costs. We will also look into the possibility of further cost savings for you.

We would be happy to arrange a time with you to discuss this. Please contact us without obligation on 046 410 6305 or leave a message using contact form.

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