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The service package of Co-Flex TPF BV includes a variety of services aimed at the needs of its clients. Co-Flex is active in various industries. The service package includes the following services: Temporary employment, Secondment, Mediation for self-employed people, Contracting, Project management and Training. The quality of service is of paramount importance to Co-Flex. Our candidates are screened extensively on reliability.

Quality of service

The quality of service is of paramount importance to Co-Flex. Our candidates are extensively screened for reliability and expertise. In addition, there is intensive contact with the employer and candidate. By continuously monitoring the posting, we know what is going on with both the employer and the candidate. In doing so, we achieve our goal in a proactive and personal way: a happy employer and a happy candidate.

Temporary Contracts

For a flexible workforce, you need Co-flex.


We offer a tailor-made solution based on your requirements.

Recruitment & Selection

We select the best candidates and conduct the first interviews.

Deployment of self-employed persons

Specialist in mediation of flexible and qualified self-employed persons.

In-house Services

Why an In-house Structure?


Sister company Co-Contracting for various project activities.





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