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Co-Flex TPF BV has been operating as an employment agency both nationally and internationally since 2010. We are active in various industries. Based on our many years of expertise, we offer our candidates work, training and/or a career. We offer our clients solutions to problems by providing qualified staff and advising on flexibilisation issues. Co-Flex has experienced professionals who can be deployed for a limited period of time for knowledge, support, implementation and/or advice. This allows us to create optimum flexibility. We are now successful in the Netherlands and beyond. Co-Flex is still growing and has excellent relationships and (framework) agreements with leading clients. Clients/candidates explicitly choose Co-Flex because our permanent (senior) account managers have many years of practical experience in our markets, speak the same language and truly identify with the market and its target group.


Co-Flex’s vision focuses on long-term relationships. This sometimes means showing our vulnerability and always striving for that perfect match between client and candidate. This is irrespective of whether it concerns a temporary or a permanent position. We attach great importance to the satisfaction of both clients and candidates. Co-Flex is happy to provide its services across the board. The aim of Co-Flex is to work professionally with clients and candidates with an open, ethical and forward-looking approach. Innovations and the new way of working help us to develop and make our organisation more sustainable.

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