Tips for a good job application

Are you prepared for your job interview?

Know what the requirements are

Make sure you know exactly what we ask for in the job description. Understand the tough requirements such as training, knowledge and experience, but also competencies such as commitment, initiative, willingness to learn, creative ideas and communication skills. Feel free to call us to find out more about the position you want to apply for.

Your CV, your most important calling card

Your CV is the most important part of your job application. It’s your personal calling card. Make sure that the things that are the most essential for the job you are applying for stand out. Explain relevant experience in more detail and do not hesitate to emphasise any successes you have achieved. Your CV should be short, concise, concrete and with a clear layout. And your CV should contain absolutely no errors. Typos, spelling and grammatical mistakes are a big no-no.

Your cover letter is an important addition to your CV

You can apply at Co-flex through this website. This means that you will not send us a separate application letter. Instead, you should send your cover letter along with your CV through the site. In your cover letter, explain why you are the right person for this position at Co-flex’s clients. This is an important part of your application: the first selection will be made based on this letter.

The interview

Congratulations! You’ve been invited to a job interview. It is important to be well prepared for this interview. Make sure you know the requirements, think of a number of questions you can expect and the answers you will give. Write down any questions you would like to ask us in advance. We need you, so feel free to be critical.

Make a good first impression.

Just a few more ‘obvious’ tips: be on time and make sure you look well-groomed. Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable. First impressions are very important, and you only get the chance to make a good impression once.


Send your interview partner a thank you email after the interview. You will be sure to stand out in their memory, which can only be beneficial for the continuation of the selection procedure.

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