We offer a tailor-made solution based on your requirements.

Secondment is the best solution for deploying staff for a longer period of time while maintaining maximum flexibility.

Where temporary employment involves a very flexible employment relationship, for secondment we agree on the contract duration in advance. We provide a skilled worker with the certainty that the employee who is hired cannot quit from one day to the next. Naturally, the client too requires this certainty. We are talking about mutual obligations between candidate, client and Co-flex.
Seconded employees are often deployed on long-term projects where specialist knowledge is required temporarily. We offer a tailor-made solution based on your requirements. We map out the qualifications, hard and soft skills and go through the selection procedure. If necessary, the employee can take an additional training course specifically for the assignment. The client ultimately has the final decision and indicates which candidates will be suitable for the final interviews.
The costs for a seconded employee vary per project. The hourly rate is calculated by multiplying the conversion factor by the gross hourly wage. The costs are all hours worked by the employee with a minimum number of hours as stated in the contract.

Why secondment?

  • No costs for the recruitment and selection process of the staff to be seconded.
  • Secondment provides security for the deployment of staff for the entire contract period, where temporary contracts concern a flexible employment contract.
  • Secondment involves a formal employment relationship and temporary contracts are subject to a temporary employment clause.
  • The disposal of specialist staff for a predetermined period of time without having to enter into an employment contract. No dismissal in poor economic or financial circumstances.
  • No employer risk. No legal employer of the seconded person and therefore no employer obligations. The seconded employee does fall under the operational management and supervision of the client.
  • No costs for keeping staff and salary records.

A fixed contact is assigned within our team. For more information about secondment and the best solution, please contact us without obligation on 046 410 6305 or leave a message using our contact form. We would be happy to visit you for a more detailed introduction.

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